Utilities Services Provided as per our Unique methodology

Utilities can leverage common platform to access business data, manage assets, update network information, integrate work orders, find customer information, and prepare reports. Enterprise vide spatial database for managing utility operations has enabled organizations to increase their efficiency and customer satisfaction with increased profitability over the years. GIS acts as an enabler and provides tools for modeling the utility network, analyze network parameters to optimize and integrate with SCADA for real time operations support. GIS data can also be integrated with business data for quantitative analysis to help systematically model, measure, and visualize issues for future planning.

Our utility mapping services include many processes such as land base creation, data modeling, network map creation and application integration. We have expertise in using AutoCAD, ArcGIS for utility modeling and mapping. Our highly skilled professionals blend the technologies of digital mapping from variety of sources including aerial photographs, satellite images, GPS field data and existing maps to create the GIS database.

  • Application Integration Applications integration is the sharing of processes and data among different applications in an enterprise. For both small and large organizations alike, it has become a mission-critical priority to connect disparate applications and leverage application collaboration across the enterprise in order to improve overall business efficiency, enhance scalability, and reduce IT costs.
    With our application integration specialists for utilities, we can interface core systems with other systems like billing, SCADA, work order management and asset management.

  • Data Conversion for electrical distribution/transmission network Our team of experts have wide spread experience in preparation of the quality electrical network maps as part of the enterprise vide spatial database creation. With our integrated data development tools for electrical network creation, we can help you in realizing your investments quickly.

  • Data Migration Data Migration is a key factor when considering adopting any new platform for your utility company. If your utility company is upgrading current technology platform, data conversion and migration will be key to your overall success. Because software is specifically written from one program to another, the ability to migrate that information onto your new system is of the utmost importance.
    Our team of experts can help you in moving the data across different models with the help of the data of customized tools.

  • Data Modelling Our expert team in utilities can study the requirements of the utility companies/government organizations to prepare comprehensive data models.

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