Matrix Framework Our Business Process Management System

Matrix Logo Matrix, formerly known as ADF, is a complete Business Process Management System, which is used across the board right from Business Process and Database Modelling to the performance analysis and monitoring of the Users participating in the Business Processes. The BI Dashboard functionality is provided for Monitoring and Evaluation purposes

The dynamic nature of the system allows for change of data structure on the fly without affecting the process or vice versa. New Business processes can be rolled out without any down time of processes currently in production. It provides complete bi-directional configuration management tools. It integrates public front end with the Organisations Back office operations using workflows

When used in conjunction with Windows Share Point Services, provides a complete eCMS solution, including Enterprise Search

  • Workflow Engine A configurable workflow engine that executes and tracks tasks based on complex task distribution alogrithms and escalation procedures
  • Document Engine Provides functionality to store, search documents. Index them and manage multiple versions through check-in and check-out mechanisms
  • Data Entity Manager Model driven data management, provides extensive List management functionality. An elaborate rules designer allows configuration of complex data rules
  • Notification Services Queue driven notifiation services to send SMS or Emails. Extensions allow implementation of automated response services
  • Service Bus A comprehensive set of asynchronous backend services to provide a robust, fault tolerant, self-load balancing environment for creating reliable, scalable systems
  • Dashboard Provides information on the system performance, current queues and their state in terms of wait times. Tools to perform administrative tasks like manage users, resolve errors, manage lists
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