License Management Management of Licenses and Permits

We specialise in delivery of bespoke license management solutions for various government entities. We have extensive experience in developing License Management Systems that allows for automation, auditability, compliance and reporting of licensing processes for various organisations.

Data World licensing systems have been implemented to cater to a myraid of business requirements in the public sector. Our systems provide functionality around Air, Water, Waste permits to licenses given by NERSA for Gas, Petroleum and Electricity distribution, Management of Mineral Prospecting and Mining rights. Our solutions are used by National Energy Regulator of South Africa, National Department of Tourism, Department of Mineral Resources, Department of Environmental Affairs etc.

Licensing Solutions automate permit application processing and record management. These systems have a capability to capture real-time online license applications, provide automated SMS and email notifications, audit trail, and real-time reports on the status of each license application within the system.

Key Features
  • Online Application Processing Our solution allows a Public site which can be used to disseminate information. In a secure environment it allows external stakeholders to make applications online and track them
  • Role based Access The solutions provide an effective collaborative environment, with multiple users working on integrated application. The user's role decides what rights they have on the system
  • Create Secure Licenses The solutions provide ability to print pixel-perfect Licenses with secure 2-D Barcodes or create smart-cards, once the license applications have been approved
  • Incumbent Verification App Android Mobile app that can be used by Field staff to scan a License Barcode and retrieve the respective record from the server including picture, details
  • Investigate Breaches The Investigation App provides functionality to create cases and record the outcome of the investigative activities. These are captured using Tablets with tagging of the GPS and pictures, videos etc.
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