Public Transport Information System Our solutions for the Public Convenience

GIS enabled transport information system that enables a member of the public to search for various routes and modes of transportation to get from one point to another. It includes timetable searches and also provides information for various points of interest. The product has functionality to maintain data on the application so that routes can be added or deactivated and deviations, cancellations and delays can be captured and updated instantaneously.

p.Route provides a single window interface for local transportation queries and uses geo-spatial routing to augment journey planning. It supports multiple languages. A number of parameters such as route preferences (cheapest, fastest), date and time, and the willingness of the user to walk short distances. It is available for a wide range of deployment options, including websites, as an application for call centres as well as in touch screen format. Further, P.Route can be extended for Route Optimization and Fleet Management Solutions.

  • Reports like over speeding, Idle Time/Stoppage, Trip report, Geofence violation, Acceleration/de-acceleration, Distance Traveled/Travel Path. Covering all aspects of fleet utilisation and optimised Trip scheduling
  • Alerts proactive measures for events like panic by driver or passengers, power On/Off, GPSuUnit tampering. Served through Email or SMS
  • Realtime Stream based tracking of vehicles 24x7 makes fleet management an easier task, helping avoid misuse and improving overall productivity
  • Driver Profiling Driver location can be ascertained and behavior can be regulated
  • Routing Route optimization helps in reducing fuel cost
  • Safety monitor non-emergency speeding to improve passenger and driver safety
  • Geofencing Geofence creation and monitoring violations
  • Billing tools to help resolve billing dispute with transport vendor
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